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The National Art-o-Mat project converts old cigarette machines into Art Dispensers, housed in cultural institutions across the United States. 

Recognizing the re-use for old business cards, In 2003, I began to transform old cards into individual commercial art pieces, or 'biz-art'. Placed inside of a handmade paper frame, also serving as a stand. Complete with instructions on how to assemble the stand.

Packaged in upcycled cigarette boxes, painted black and wrapped in a pinstripe 'bizart card' packaging.

I start with about a dozen business cards that I paint with a solid color. Then collage with found images and drawings. The card is placed inside the frame, packaged with instructions and the box is wrapped in cellophane and shipped.

Through this process, I have the ability to make a completed piece in a day or two. It provides me with a sense of freedom to create quickly and ship into the world to distribute.