Experience Designer

Product Design

Experience maps

Visual explanations have been a consistent passion of mine throughout my career. Building from a background in Visual Journalism explaining complex news stories in diagrammatical form, I synthesize complexity into clear communication tools. This practice is essential when communicating with multiple stakeholders to frame the challenge we are working with and unify the product's mission.

Documentation of the Self-Service Ecosystem

When consulting with several stakeholders that each had varying points of view, I created a communication tool to visualize the various ways consumers access service through Fitbit.com to help unify our challenge.

System Diagram

As a lead designer, I worked directly with the Engineering team to create requirements and ultimately a User Experience for the product. To understand the problem we were trying to solve, I worked closely with the lead engineer to communicate the system. The system diagram helped to isolate the framework to that which needed interface components. Together, we documented requirements for the screens.

Clarification Of Concepts

Graphics and visual content for presentations solidify content. Several iterations of mapping the concept of the mission of digital Girl Currency, Girlcoin™, let to describing the service we would design around the idea.

Software Production Process

As part of a growing startup, there was a need to justify to various partners and stakeholders the number of people needed on the team. The role each person contributed to the final product throughout the software production process was integral in viewing the entirety of their contribution. This process map and helped facilitate executive leadership to agree on the process.