Charles Schwab: Style Guide

brand assets and guidelines

In 2016, I shaped the visual design and holistic user experience of a rich financial platform for Schwab Advisor Portfolio Connect.

Although the project was a year underway, a style guide for the product was not present. Several templates were used as guidance for the implementation team, yet the developers were consistently requesting guidance to help implement features. I created a living style guide to make the production process smoother. 

When the client requested a demo of the product, shortly after I began producing the style guide, the team was able to pivot into rapid prototyping for an internal Schwab meeting to review the capabilities of the product.

In the process, I interfaced with the product design lead to ensure consistency. We collaborated to simplify and extend the design language, and I provided visual design feedback. We narrowed 135 existing colors down to 49 to help unify the product.


Improved Living Style Guide

With the addition of code, the design components were easily referenced by BAs in the redesign.



Templates were ineffective

Sample pages were referenced for style, which proved to lead to confusion among the development team.


We narrowed 135 existing colors down to 49 to help unify the product.



With the improved style guide, I produced several options of charts and graphs to communicate reports generated by the software application.